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Dokken- Dead Fowl / Shed Dog Trainer

1 - 36 of 65 products

1 - 36 of 65 products

Tom Dokken has been in the dog world for many years and has achieved top national status at his Oak Ridge Kennels and in his national seminar series over the years. In addition, he is the founder of Dokken Dog Supplies and Shed Dog Training Products. An innovator from the beginning, he is most known for the Dead Fowl Trainer, the dummy that "trains on every retrieve". Since then, he has nearly single-handedly created a new niche industry in the shed dog-antler dog world with various training product to train dogs to shed hunt or antler hunt. Tom Dokken is the perfect example of the people and products we like to align ourselves with at, time tested and proven and just solid good people and products.