Mallard Dog Training Duck Dummy by Dokken Dead Fowl Trainer D100

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The classic Dokken DeadFowl trainer by Master Hunting Dog Trainer (Tom Dokken), this Mallard dummy is the most used dog training tool in the world, it literally trains on every retrieve.  Just like the real bird, it is a perfect size, shape, weight for most dog training tasks and true representation of what your dogs is going to see out on his/her next waterfowl adventure.  we have these mallard dummies laying all over the our kennel and always have one within eye sight so I can pick one up and do a short training session to sharpen one of our hunting dogs.


  • SKU: D100

The #1 selling dog training dummy in the world and for!!  The importance of the Dokken Mallard dummy for most dog trainers can not be understated.  This mallard dummy is a key cornerstone to many training programs for successful hunting dogs.  This product is made to last for thousands of retrieves and is made from almost life like dense foam that feels like a real mallard duck.  Mr. Dokken really put his years of dog training experience to work when he created this like of Dead Fowl Training dummies!


  • Natural feel foam body acts like a scent sponge and is injectable
  • The Head and the legs are free hanging for realistic duck action and feel
  • Natural dead bird feeling and density
  • Wobble - free swinging head to deter dogs from shaking birds
  • Hard plastic feet to discourage mouthing and improper carrying
  • Dokken Dead Fowl Dummies float in water, even if punctured

Mallard Head Features:

The head of this mallard dummy is hard plastic to train your dog on every retrieve how to correctly hold the duck in their mouth.  Ideally on a wild retrieve a dog should hold the duck squarely on the body of the duck and this training duck will teach them that but the hard plastic feel of the head will not be comfortable to your dog in the event that that bit down on the head.

Mallard Body Features:

The body of the mallard is the main training feature and is the design that has made this training the most popular of all time!  The soft body is made to replicate the feel and density of a real mallard.  Because the body is the real texture and feel it trains the dog to pick up the duck by the soft body and not the hard head and feet. To add more of a realistic nature you can even add duck scent to the outside of the body or by injecting scent inside the duck.  With this combo it creates the best training tool we have seen.  We like to start with puppies with the miniature mallard and then once the dog is a bit older we move them up to the D100 mallard.  

Tech Specs:

Approximate Size: 15”
Approximate Weight: 1.25 LBS.
Material: Natural feel foam & hard head and feet

Do not forget to pick up your Dokken Scent Injector , and 4 oz of Duck Scent for that real hunting/training bird experience. When you cannot have the real bird opt for the next best training tool, Dokken Dead Fowl Trainers.

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