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Training Dummies

The Dead Fowl Trainer (DFT) dummy, invented by renowned dog trainer Tom Dokken of Oakridge Kennels, is one of the most innovative dog training products to ever hit the market. Dokken's tag line "It trains on every retrieve" perfectly defines its unique features compared to standard bumpers. Every aspect of its design features naturally positive retrieving habits. Your dog will naturally want to grasp it mid-body and the moveable hard head and tail deters head shaking of the bird. The foam body closely mimics the weight and feel of a real bird and can be injected with game scent for the ultimate retrieving tool. Often imitated, but never duplicated, the Dokken DFT is the most popular retrieving dummy in the world!

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    $24.99 $27.77

    The classic Dokken DeadFowl trainer by Master Hunting Dog Trainer (Tom Dokken), this Mallard dummy is the most used dog training tool in the world, it literally trains on every retrieve.  Just like the real bird, it is a perfect size, shape, weight for most dog training tasks and true representation of what your dogs is going to see out on his/her next waterfowl adventure.  we have these mallard dummies laying all over the our kennel and always have one within eye sight so I can pick one up and do a short training session to sharpen one of our hunting dogs.

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    $3.75 $4.15

    Throw dead fowl trainers dummies (DFT's) farther in order to train dogs to retrieve from a distance.

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    $32.99 $36.65

    Dog training is important for the life of your dog. With a natural feel and dead bird weight, this teal gets puppies off on the right foot.

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    $24.99 $28.99

    This is a great training duck for the size and for anyone that is going to be hunting Redheads!   This is a realistic duck and your dog will be training with every retrieve.

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    $24.99 $27.77

    Get your dog used to a nice large Canvasback with this Dokken Dead Fowl Trainer retrieving duck! 

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    $22.99 $25.55

    Start your hunting puppies out right. With the Dokken Miniature Mallard don`t let their small size fool you. The same patented design that goes into our large ducks goes into these small ducks as well, so you will be off and running as your puppy grows up you will easily be able to introduce the Dokken Dead Fowl Trainer large Mallard Dummy or other training tools.

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    $25.99 $28.88

    The Dokken Pheasant Training dummy / bumper is the perfect training dummy for your hunting dog, it teaches them to have soft mouth and how to properly retrieve a pheasant.  It teaches your dog proper retrieve and carry technique.

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    $24.99 $27.77

    Train all year with the Dead Fowl Wood Duck by Dokken to get your Hunting dog ready for the fall. There is nothing more realistic than the Dead Fowl Wood Duck Trainer, when you have the proper weight, shape, size, look, and smell, and it trains on every retrieve.  The wood duck is a great dummy to for beginning dogs or more advanced dogs.  It is small enough for a starter training but large enough for more advanced hunting dogs that have been around the block.  We would certainly recommend all hunters with dogs have one of these Dead Fowl Trainer dummies.

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    $22.99 $25.55

    The Dokken Dove Trainer is the perfect training bumper for you puppy.  Specifically designed for young dogs, the Dove trainer helps build proper retrieve and carry technique. 

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    $22.99 $25.55

    This is a great smaller dummy to get your new puppy used to retrieving with.  Take this out in the yard and get the puppy excited about the prospect of playing and retrieving.  This is the perfect Dokken Dead Fowl dummy to build confidence and begin getting you puppy used to having the dead bird feel in their mouth.

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