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Training Collars - (Pinch, Choke)

3 products

3 products

Having and choosing the correct dog training collar is very important.  These collars are non-electronic training collars such as choke dog training collars or pinch dog training collars.  Choke collars are collars that tighten up as you pull on the leash or the dog pulls away from you.  Choke chains are one of the most basic and first trainng tools you will use. As Tom Dokken, renowned dog trainer from Oak Ridge Kennels, always says it is all about "pressure on-pressure off". The choke collar is the perfect tool for this training technique. Pinch collars, not as widely used as choke collars,  are collars that have metal points and as the dog pulls away from their handler the collar slightly tighten and the metal pinches into their skin....note this does not really hurt the dogs it simply gets there attention so they can be refocused to the correct behavior.