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Shed Dog Training

Shed antler dog training and hunting is an up and coming sport that if fairly new, but is growing so fast in popularity because it really extends your season and it is so much fun for your dog and family.  Turn your hunting dog into a shed dog by training him or her to find shed antlers by sight and scent. Your hunting dog already has the natural instinct to retrieve and hunt, the only left to do is train them to direct that desire to antlers instead of birds for a few months a year. Don't worry, this does not interfere with your sport dog's bird hunting training and any dog (regardless of breed) can be trained to find shed antlers.  Give it a shot, for under $50 you can get involved and have some fun with your dog!

If you want to find more out about shed dog training, we have any entire site dedicated to shed antler dogs....shed dog community blog, shed dog Facebook page, and Shed dog videos!!

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    $9.95 $10.95

    We have used this scent very successfully in training our dogs, if is powerful enough to be effective but not overly strong where they can easily stiff the hidden antler out.  This is a must have tool for all shed antler hunters that use and train dogs.

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    $99.99 $119.99
    Shed Dog Complete training kit that will take you from day 1 of training until you are ready to hit the woods from shed antler season! Save $$ by purchasing these shed dog training tools in one kit!
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    $104.95 $129.95

    Train your dog to help you find wounded or dead deer.  We have all been in the position where we know we put a decent shot on the animal but we just can't find good blood, but know you are in luck!  Train your dog to get on the blood scent and you won't lose anymore deer.  Dogs noises are so much better than our eyes and we will locate those hard to find deer!!  If your a hunter you will want to use this kit to recovery more deer with your dog!

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    $9.99 $11.99


    This shed antler deer scent is specially made to inject into the DogBone Shed Antler Training / Retriever dummy (White or Brown).  Our take, is you are using a real looking and visible antler to train your dogs, why wouldn't you use the "real" scent as well?  Well, that is exactly what we do, we train our shed dogs visually and with their noses.  We have had great success with this product.

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    $9.95 $10.95

    This shed dog training handbook is a great tool for training you and your dog how to find for shed antlers. Jerry Thomas and Tom Dokken take you step by step to get your dog conditioned for finding those big buck antlers. 

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    $19.49 $21.99

    This DVD will teach you how to introduce your dog to shed hunting using Tom Dokken's very own essential drills, equipment, and tips. It shows you everything you need to know and have in order to get your dog ready for the field. It can be fun for the whole family due to the fun and easy to understand facts and tips about this exciting hobby.

  7. 14.95 $14.95

    This DVD is an easy to use tool to help dog owners train their Shed Dogs. With simple step-by-step procedures and thorough explanations, this DVD makes the process of shed antler training a cinch for both the dog owner and the dog.

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    $174.95 $179.99

    Everything you need to take your Shed dog to the next level in finding those trophy antlers!

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    $64.95 $69.95
    A great start up kit for anyone to begin training their dog to hunt for Shed antlers.
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    $34.49 $34.99
    We really enjoy shed dog training and hunting at EGD and are excited that the guys from DogBone have created this kit that has everything you need to start training your puppy or dog today.  We have used this system first hand and it is very easy to train with and provides a simple solution that is not intimidating for your hunting dog.

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