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Shed Dog Training

26 products

26 products

Shed antler dog training and hunting is an up and coming sport that if fairly new, but is growing so fast in popularity because it really extends your season and it is so much fun for your dog and family.  Turn your hunting dog into a shed dog by training him or her to find shed antlers by sight and scent. Your hunting dog already has the natural instinct to retrieve and hunt, the only left to do is train them to direct that desire to antlers instead of birds for a few months a year. Don't worry, this does not interfere with your sport dog's bird hunting training and any dog (regardless of breed) can be trained to find shed antlers.  Give it a shot, for under $50 you can get involved and have some fun with your dog!

If you want to find more out about shed dog training, we have any entire site dedicated to shed antler dogs....shed dog community blog, shed dog Facebook page, and Shed dog videos!!