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Puppy Training

Getting started right with your hunting dog puppy is so critical for how they will develop their hunting skills over the next couple of years, so we wanted to be able to provide you with the best and correct products to start your puppy off on the right foot with.  We don't have a desire to offer every puppy product on the market, because are thousands and we understand how confusing that can be, so we simply want to offer you the best from our experience.  We also felt it was important to offer quality puppy training products that the manufactures stand behind.  We know how hard those sharp puppy teeth can be on products and we want these training tools and supplies to last through the puppy stage.  If there is ever a product you want for your puppy but you don't see it on our site, please let us know and we would be happy to hunt it down for you (pardon the pun).  Getting a new puppy is super exciting so have fun with it and let us know if you need any assistance!