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Dog Training

Training hunting dogs right is our priority at Everything Gun Dog. We strive to provide the top products in the industry to make dog training easy for the owner and the dog. Establishing the connection between the owner and the dog is essential when training a dog, and we have the products to make that happen and maybe even make it fun too.

We understand that you are looking for the best products when it comes to training your hunting dog, that why we have carefully picked the products and brands that we feel are the premium offering in the industry. We have had hunting dogs as part of our family for decades and fully understand that they are one of the most important things in your life and you treat them as such. We also know how important your hunting experiences are, and that is why we choose to offer only the best hunting dog training products, because there are just some things in life that compromising on will not check it. The Last thing we want is you to be out training or hunt with a cheap ecollar and for it to break or worse malfunction and cause your dogs and you problems. For example, that is why we choose to only offer dog training ecollars from SportDOG, Tri-Tronics, and Garmin!  EverythingGunDog.com is a family business and we thank you and welcome you to the family, please let us know if you need anything at all, as we are here to best serve you in any way possible.

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    $7.99 $8.88

    This black and white RHINO dead fowl trainer is easy to use, floats in water, and allows dogs to get used to the feel of a dead fowl trainer.

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    $36.95 $44.95

    The SportDOG wall adaptor is the convenient way to charge your FieldTrainer, SportHunter, and WetlandHunter accessories.

  3. 13.99 $13.99

    The Accessory Adaptor by SportDOG works with many different brands to make it an all around useful tool.

  4. 24.95 $24.95

    The replacement charging cradle allows you to recharge SportDOG SR-300 series collars anywhere, whether on the go, or when you get home. 

  5. 7.95 $7.95

    SportDOG Lithium Batteries are the convenient solution to continue the usage of your transmitters and receivers. 

  6. 30 $30.00

    With everything you need included in SportDOG's Receiver Battery Kit, maintaining the use of your receiver is made quick and easy.

  7. Sale
    $12.95 $14.25
    Tri-Tronics collar strap can be trimmed to any desired lenght, but is initially 3/4 inch wide and 30 inches long with a roller buckle and a metal collar keeper. This strap will fit only the Sport Junior and Bark Limiter.
  8. Sale
    $9.99 $12.99
    Perfect 6' length leash, not to long and not to short for controlling and walking your dog. A classic best seller than has been around for decades...get yours today!
  9. 219.99 $219.99

    Delta Sport''s rugid and waterproof remote training collar uses Tri-Tronics® technology to safely train dogs with the option of using continuous and momentary stimulation, vibration or tone. Successfully allows the handler to train dogs with ease using an easy-to-read LCD screen, 3-button-front controller, and seperate side buttons for level adjustment and dog selection. Delta can even remember an individual dog’s training settings and is optimized to work on all dog breeds and coat lengths.

  10. Sale
    $299.99 $349.99

    Delta Upland's rugid and waterproof remote training collar has 4 hunt sounds and 2 point sounds, a beeper remote locate feature operable in siltent hunt mode, tones, vibrations, 36 levels of momentary and 18 levels of continuous stimulation, 5 training modes and a built-in BarkLimiter™ with Advanced Bark Correction Technology. This device safely and efficiently trains dogs.

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