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Home & Kennel

Help your dog feel at home, whether at the house or in the kennel.  Giving dogs a chance to refresh, relax, refuel and play is essential to the life of the dog. Give your dog a sense of security and comfort with our line of top quality dog products from the leaders in the dog industry.  

33 products

33 products

If you are anything like our family we are softies and completely let our dogs rule the house (they even sleep in our beds..shhh), that is why we only carry the best hunting dog products for your home and kennel.  Our dogs spend entire more time in the house than they do hunting and in the field so we want to make sure they are comfortable and that we as the owners of the house are comfortable as well.  Somewhere in the middle of the dogs comfort and our humanly comfort is the answers to what products you will need in your home and kennel.  We have a nice variety of dog products for your home and kennel but we didn’t want to offer anything but the best in products like dog beds, dog bowls, dog creates, and dog toys.  We are proud to carry brands in this category like Remington Dog, Mud River Products, Dead Fowl Trainer, and many more!  If you would be so kind to send us pictures of your dog using products around the house we would love to post those for others to see!