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Whistles & Lanyards

Another one of those basic dog training tools that you can never have enough of. We carry all of the leading brands, including the industry stand Roy Gonia, SportDOG and Dokken. In different sizes, tones and configurations (pea, pealess, silent, etc.) we have the quality whistle you need. We also have top quality whistle lanyards by Mendota and Dokken.

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    $14.49 $15.99

    Designed for field and obedience training. Soft on your neck, strong, yet using the finest snap available.

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    $11.49 $12.95

    Soft on your neck, strong, yet using the finest snap available - you cannot lose the whistle. Double whistle lanyard in orange or camo is a must have for a day in the field. UV Coated to protect against decay and fading.

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    $3.59 $3.99

    Don't loose your whistles with this durable nylon double clip lanyard from Dokken .  This lanyard pared with a nice Dokken Black whistle is the perfect combination!

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    $9.45 $9.95

    This high pitched frequency dog whistle is the perfect training tool for your dog!

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    $4.45 $4.95

    A hunting whistle specifically designed to work for short distances in adverse weather. 

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    $6.45 $6.95

    Effectively communicate with your dog with this low pitch clear whistle by SportDOG the experts in hunting dog training.

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    $4.45 $4.95

    This whistle is designed to be a helpful tool in colder climates and has a high pitch in order to easily train the dog.

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    $4.45 $4.95

    Communicate to your dog while on the go with this low pitch whistle.

  9. Sale
    $9.45 $9.95

    This loud mega whistle is perfect for harsh weather conditions or marshy areas.

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    $11.45 $11.95

    SportDOG Clear Competition Whistle is unique and convenient. Perfect for your dog!

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