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Game Recovery Training For Dogs by Jeremy Moore of Dog Bone DGDGRT

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This DVD contains a well thought out structured program providing detailed descriptions on how to properly train dogs to recover wounded big game animals. Successful dog training doesn't get much easier than this!

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Many states have now legalized the use of tracking dogs recovering wounded big game animals. Jeremy Moore has developed a complete training system for tracking dogs to recover wounded big game animals.  Combining a structured program with his own line of scent-training products, Jeremy shows how to bring out the tracking instinct and develop a dog's desire to stay with the track despite various obstacles, resulting in successful game recovery under all conditions. 

  • Hosted by GUN DOG editor Rick Van Etten
  • Approximately 46 minutes

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Product Questions

Hi, i would really like to purchase your game recovery dvd. I live in the UK, so was wondering if you have an availiable link to download the dvd via vimeo etc or would you be ok to post the actual dvd? Hope to hear back from you soon. Kind regards. Gethin Davey.
We do not have a downloadable link, and we do not ship overseas. We would not be able to post the video via Vimeo,etc.
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