5 Dog Breeds For Homes With Children

Every young child gets to an age when they start asking for a dog. It is a great idea for many reasons. Having a pet teaches a child responsibility, and compassion. The bond that forms between a child and a pet encourages trust, and self esteem. They help get kids up off the couch, and encourage an active lifestyle. A pet provides unconditional love and companionship to a child, which helps with their emotional stability and growth.

If you are considering heading to the animal shelter or breeder, it’s a good idea first to consider which breeds are usually a good fit for homes with children. There is no guarantee because breeding is only one aspect of a dog’s temperament.


The Beagle was originally bred as a hunting dog. They are a good fit in homes with active children. They love to play ball and rough house with kids, always ready for fun and games. They are friendly and gentle with cheerful dispositions. Teach kids not to bug this dog while it’s eating, they don’t always tolerate anyone, even their best friends, getting near their food dish. They normally get along well with other pets. They shed a lot, so they need to be bathed and brushed frequently.

Golden Retriever

This breed has the patience required for living in a home with small children.  They need a lot of exercise, so they will be a terrific companion for children who love to run and play outdoors.  The Golden Retriever is a lovable, loyal dog, and is usually quite smart.  It is a bigger dog but is not aggressive, except when seeking affection.  They are easily trained and well mannered, which is why they are used as service dogs.  They often get into trouble when left alone, they need supervision, just like the kids do.  They are overly friendly so they don’t make good watchdogs.

Bernese Mountain Dog

This gentle giant is known for its’ love of children.  They are slow to mature and retain their puppy behavior for longer than many other dogs.  They are easy to train, intelligent and good natured. They make good watchdogs though they aren’t overly aggressive.  They are generally good with other pets.  They range in size from 80 to 120 pounds so they are certainly not a lap dog.

English Bulldog

Considered to be one of the gentlest breeds, the English Bulldog is affectionate, and loyal.  They are very energetic as puppies but slow down as they mature, and don’t require a lot of exercise.  They do need a lot of attention and love to play.  They are like cartoon characters the way they snort, snore, slobber and drool.


Boxers get along really well with children and have a lot of patience.  They are happy, friendly, very loyal dogs that love to cuddle. They are playful and intelligent with a sneaky streak.  They are easy to train though they tend to be a little stubborn.  They need a lot of attention and exercise, and tend to be quite boisterous so small kids will get knocked down, but not intentionally.

Written by Jaqueline Borini

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