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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • Chosen For Exclusive SportDOG Retail Group!

    SportDOG and PetSafe is drastically changing the way it sells online and and were carefully selected as one of the few approved dealers.  We estimate less than 5% (under 100 total)of current SportDOG online retails were approved so we are honored to be this is exclusive group!  We have been selected because of our true commitment to helping and serving our customers and 100% stand behind everything we sell- that is fact!  We are super excited about this and it will help even further serve our hunting dog customers that so loyally use SportDOG products.

    Authorized SportDOG Retailer                                            Authorized PetSafe Retailer

    Offical Authorization Letter From SportDOG:

    Dear Everything Ecom LLC / Everything Gun Dog,

    Thank you for becoming an Authorized Retailer for PetSafe and SportDOG branded products.   We have changed our strategy for 2013 and have reduced the total number of authorized resellers to make sure our brands are represented in quality selling environments and offer the best possible support and experience to the consumer.

  • Product Review- Bark Limiter G3 By Tri-Tronics 5440100


    The Tri-Tronics Bark Limiter G3 is a product that should be a staple in every trainer’s field bag, and every dog owner’s supply closet.  This collar is the perfect tool to quiet the most extreme, stubborn hunting dog to the mellow house dog that nuisance barks.

    Tri-Tronics Bark Limiter

    This bark collar is very simple to use.  It has five levels of stimulation so that it can be adjusted to any dog’s tolerance level.  I have found this collar to be very reliable.  In my experience, it doesn’t give false corrections like many bark collars do if they are slightly bumped or another noise is present.  It corrects when the dog barks, and that’s it!

    The other very nice feature of the Bark Limiter G3 is the bark counter.  From the time you turn it on, to the time you turn it off, it keeps track of how many times it corrects your dog.  This feature comes in handy when you have to leave your dog at home or in a kennel when you can’t be around.  You can see just how well they behaved while you were gone!  This is also a good tool to see if you are using the correct level of stimulation, because you will be able to tell if your dog is constantly barking through its correction, or quieting down after one or two corrections.

    The Bark Limiter G3 is definitely made with your dog in mind.  It is very lightweight, yet it packs a punch for those stubborn dogs.  It’s also waterproof so it can be utilized whether you’re at home, in the duck blind, training in a marsh, or doing a few retrieves off the dock.

    I definitely give the Tri-Tronics Bark Limiter G3 at well-deserved 9 out of 10.

    Written by Bre Krueger

    Everything Gun Dog Pro Staff

  • Behind the Scenes Video at NASHDA 2013- Just Chillin

    One of the coolest things about the NASHDA events is the feeling that everyone is there to help one another out and cheer each and their dogs on.  It is different from any other event I have been to.  There is just a sense of community.  I would say this is fairly common in the dog training and trial world but it seems even more present here!  What can I say Shed doggers rock!

    The Shed Dog Antler World!  NASHADA 2013 chillin Video!


  • Hunting Dog Or House Dog- The Pendulum Has Swung!

    There used to be a misconception that you either had a hunting dog or a family dog, and in some circles that is still the predominate way of thinking but we 100% disagree and I believe most of the folks with hunting dogs do as well.  The thinking went something like this, if my dog is spoiled and not concentrating on hunting and birds then it won’t stay focused on the training or focused on the birds, and a good hunting dog has to always be focused and have a one track mind to be good and successful at its craft.  This is where we believe the thinking is off track. I think it can prove that a dog that is loved and cared for is going to be more successful in the field than a dog that is made to be “focused”, which was often a term for slightly harsher training techniques.

    We have seen many dog trainers perform their craft over the years and the best I have seen are the ones that don’t even raise their voices.  Dog training is as much about trust and mutual respect as it is about training of technics.  A dog that knows technics can perform the task of hunting, a dog that respects his handler (owner) can and will want to hunting for them.  The difference in the level of competency is in the desire level.  The desire to please and be rewarded is where the great dogs are created.

    That being said we believe a dogs trust and respect often times is created out of the love and care it is shown in the home.  That is many times in the house that this is established by many people and often not even the primary handler, it could be the wife/husband or kids of the trainer or handler.  Especially during the puppy stage with the hunting dog is developing their world reality and the pecking order and respect of their home.  This is an important time in the development of desire and training of the fundamental of becoming a great hunting dog with that DESIRE to please and be rewarded.  The entire family can play a part in the training and in fact should be educated on the do’s and don’ts puppy training to make sure everyone in the house is on the same page.

    To sum it up we fully believe that your hunting dog can be in and around the home during the primary training period and even after, and this will have a positive effect on their hunting skills, and possibility even created more desire to please, hence producing a better hunting dog.   Let it be known though, that this house and family socialization process is never ever a replacement to solid foundational hunting dog training, that is as important as ever.  Happy hunting and training with your dog!

    EverythingGunDog Team!

  • Product Review: Renegade Collapsible Dog Food/Water Bowl by Mud River Dog Products MR1921

    Behind the Blinds Labradors uses the Renegade Dog bowl wherever we go, from the Pheasant hunting in the Dakotas to working trade shows, and hunting dog events all over the US.  In our opinion this is the most efficient way to keep your dogs hydrated and is so convenient and does not take up barely any space (like hard dog bowls or buckets).  It is self-contained and rolls up easy and dos not take much room in your hunting vest/jacket or in your vehicle.  When your dog drinks from a water in the field they do not get the adequate amount of water to keep them hydrated, using the renegade will ensure that they get enough water.  The tough canvas material that is made out of ensures that it will hold up to all the abuse that you put it through at home or in the field.  It holds over 12 cups of food and over 100 oz. of water.  Again, Mud River Dog Product are creating innovative products that make owning and caring for a dog easier and more convenient, these guys at Mud River at great! I give 4 out of 5.

  • Product Review: Mud River Hoss Deluxe Dog Food Bag MR481

    Behind the Blinds Labradors has been using the Hoss Dog Food Bag by Mud River for a couple years and we do not leave the kennel without it any more. It holds enough food for multiple dogs for multiple days but is also perfect for someone with one dog.  The resealable top makes it easier for keeping the food fresh and dry without having a bulky plastic tote or just having it in the original dog food bag that can rip when it gets damp, making it a huge mess in the back of your vehicle. The bag is made with those who travel in mind, this food bag is complete with 4 thick handles. The Mud River Hoss Dog Food Bag can handle over 100 cups of food ensuing that you always have enough food for your best friend or friends. I give these 4 out of 5.

    By Rick Schmitz - Behind the Blinds Kennel and Dog Training - Professional Dog Trainer

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