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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • 2013 NASHDA Shed Dog World Championships...Read Full Story: is so proud to sponsor such an awesome weekend packed with amazing shed hunting dogs that have tremendous talent and trainers that have truly done an amazing job preparing their shed antler finding dogs!  The condition did not seem ideal....Read the full stories at:

  • Hunting Dog First Aid - The Essentials of Caring For Your Dog In The Field

    Hey guys this week’s Kennel Korner is going to be about how to care for your hunting dog and what to look for in a First Aid kit to be prepared if the worst happens. All you out there that have been hunting for a while know that at some point your dog will get hurt in the field and you must be prepared to handle these situations to be a responsible hunting dog owner.

    hunting dog first aid kit

    Sporting dog first aid kits are the one thing that most people forget when they go to train their dog, when it should be one of the first things that gets loaded in the truck. Be honest, are you one of these guys? If the answer is “yes”, here is an easy and inexpensive way to get a small med bag started.

    I recommend you have a small one in your vehicle during any training or hunting you are doing:

    • 1. Sharp Pair of Scissors
    • 2. EMT Jell
    • 3. Gauze all sizes and rolls
    • 4. Forceps
    • 5. Medical Tape
    • 6. Elastic bandages
    • 7. Benadryl
    • 8. Saline solution (the same stuff you use for contacts is fine)
    • 9. Q-tips
    • 10. Tweezers

    These are ten important things that I recommend you have. There are other things that you should have that might fit your situation better and that’s fine. For people that feel comfortable I recommend sutures or a stapler for those bigger accidents. But I don’t recommend it unless you feel comfortable using these tools.

    I also recommend talking to your vet to get an understanding for what other things they might recommend, also ask them to show you how to properly give your dog stitches or staple a dog closed.

    I know what you’re thinking I have been training my dog for years and never needed one... That’s awesome!! But wouldn’t you want to be prepared if something does happen??

    If you have any questions about First aid feel free to contact Everything Gun Dog or Everything Shed Dog or you can contact me direct and or give me a call (920)809-6770 I will answer any questions you might have!!

    By Rick Schmitz - Professional Dog Trainer

  • The Duck Dynasty Dynamic- Why So Popular?

    duck-dynastyNot only is Duck Dynasty among the top rating reality shows of all networks, it is A&E’s number one ranking reality show; Duck Dynasty sure makes a whole lot of Americans “happy, happy, happy”.  The show is based on the Robertson family, who followed the American dream to the top doing what they have a passion for—duck calls (and, of course, duck hunting). Phil Robertson began creating the duck calls from scrap cedar and selling them through local sporting goods stores. Eventually, Phil’s duck call became known as the best on the market. Willie, Phil’s oldest son, is now CEO of the company where the duck calls are still top rated and are handmade.

    Other than that, why does Duck Dynasty hold America in some kind of spell? At first glance, these bearded, scruffy looking men in camouflage may elicit thoughts of “rednecks” or “hillbillies”. However, it seems that the Robertson’s are indeed a family that allows us to see a bit of ourselves within.   The term “American Dream” was actually coined in the 1920’s, but still remains to define that “rags to riches” ideal that every person strives for.  The Robertson’s have achieved their American dream, however, they have not lost their family ideals and values along the way—it is this quality that makes them relatable, and more importantly, respectable to much of American society. Most reality tv shows are interesting because they show us a side of society that is unattainable to a large percentage of us. For example, shows like Jersey Shore, Real House Wives, or even America’s Next Top Model, these shows hold our attention because we are roped in by the drama (usually negative) and by our curiosity of what it may be like in those “glamorous” life styles.  However, Duck Dynasty is a show that does not thrive on negativity, fighting, and revenge—it thrives on family, relationships, and good ol’ fun.  It is a show that can be enjoyed by the entire family.  In short, this show is popular because it is so similar to our own values (middle class America) and things that we are familiar with—it allows its audience to create a connection.  That connection, I believe, lets us see that “they” are just like “us” and it is comforting to many to be able to relate on that level. Even those of us who are not duck hunters can relate to the characters and plotline of the show. The pride that is taken from being self-sufficient is also an ideal of the show—one that all hard-working Americans can respect.

    Duck Dynasty cast memebersIt is a general human need to feel close to nature and this show reinforces that idea.  All people who enjoy the outdoors in some way can relate to the passion that the Robertson’s have for the outdoors.  The show’s characters are also memorable; I am sure that there are many of us who know someone who reminds them of cookey Uncle Si, patriarch Phil, slacker Jase, or no-nonsense Miss Kay.  Therefore, Duck Dynasty and its characters are relatable, respectable, and memorable. The Robertson’s epitomize good ol’ American values while keeping touch with reality and their roots—and as Uncle Si would say, “that’s a fact, Jack!”

    By: Gina Martens

    EverythingGunDog Original Article

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