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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • Product Review: Bobwhite Quail Dog Training Dummy by Dead Fowl Trainer Q100

    Dead Fowl Dove Dummy Q100The dog training dummy dove is one of the Dokken dummies that is not the same size as the real thing; the Dove Dead Fowl Trainer is right around 3 times larger than a real dove. It is designed for use in teaching proper retrieving techniques for retriever puppies and for smaller breeds such as spaniels and Pointing Breeds. The dove dummy still have a natural game bird feel, for realistic retriever training and the dummy also includes dead bird neck to force proper retrieving, The larger size of the dove dummy is beneficial for a training a puppy to help with marking a down bird easier, but it is still small enough for them the easily pick up the dummy.

    Review By - Rick Schmitz - Behind the Blinds Kennel and Dog Training

  • Dokken Dead Fowl Training Dummies- Product Review

    Dokken dead fowl training dummies are one of the premier training bumpers on the market today. Dead fowl dummies teach your dog to properly pick up a bird every time your dog picks one up.  The dummies are made out of durable foam that you can inject different scents into and is designed to hold that scent in and out of the water.  For me the realism of each of the dummies is great, I use the mallard for my more advanced dogs because of the darker color it makes it harder to see.  I use the pintail and the bluebill for my less experienced dogs because of the whiter color that makes them a little easier to see.

    I also like the different size of the dummies; it makes it nice to get your dog used to properly retrieving different size birds.  Also I like to use the smaller teal, quail, mourning dove, and wood duck for training my puppies, because they are the just the right size for puppies to be able to get their mouths around to help build confidence. I use the Goose for my bigger more advanced dogs because it has a tendency to be a little bulky for some dogs, but it is a great testing dummy for dogs that might be on the fence of being able to retrieve a goose in the field, it gives them that confidence that they can bring a goose back.

    For the upland hunters out there, there is the pheasant, grouse, and chucker.  I like using these in the field, because of the realistic colors on the dummies they are easy to hide in the woods for a grouse or the tall grass of a CRP field for a pheasant.  The ability to hold sent so well makes it a great training tool when train a dog to use their nose to find birds in the thickest of cover.

    If you are looking for a quality training dummy, Dokken dead fowl dummies will not disappoint you.  I highly recommend Dokken dummies for beginners all the way up to professional trainers.  The durability and the life like realism of each dummy ensure a long life of the dummy and a professional training experience even for new trainers. I would give this product, 9 out of 10.

    Review by - Rick Schmitz - Behind the Blind Dog Kennel and Training

  • Product Review: Pheasant Dog Training Dummy by Dead Fowl Trainer- F100

    pheasant dog training Dummy

    The Dokken Dead Fowl Pheasant is must to have in your training bag if you are and upland hunter.  The realistic size and shape make it perfect for training your dog to retrieve real pheasants.  We use the Dead Fowl pheasant for land and water training day in and day out and it always holds up to the abuse. The soft foam body is easy for your dog to comfortably pick up and handle, and when injected with pheasant scent will hold scent for a long period of time.  The long flimsy tail that is attached to the dead fowl pheasant will discourage your dog from picking the bird up by the tail and encourage your dog to properly pick up the bird in the field.  Also the hard plastic head will discourage your dog for shaking the bird while retrieving.  If you use the dead fowl trainer on regular basis we recommend that you disinfect it at least once a week to help keep the not target scents off the dummy. I give this product a 4 ½ out of 5.

    Review by Rick Schmitz - Behind the Blinds Kennels and Dog Training

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