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Ecollar Intermediate Dog Training Reference Guide

Intermediate (amateur, value pro, mid level features, multiple dogs, medium price range, intermediate range)                    
  Codes: Y= yes, N=no, A= available as an accessory, WPS=waterproof/submersible, WR=water resistance,                  
   RC=rechargeable batteries, RP=replaceable batteries          
            Sport Dog     Tri-Tronics
        Field Trainer SD-425S Field Trainer SD-425 Wetland Hunter 425 Sport Hunter SD-825 Sport Hunter SD-1225 Sport Basic G3 EXP Sport Upland G3 EXP
Price      $      179.95  $      169.95        $      219.99  $      369.00
Range     500 yds 500 yds       1/2 mile 1/2 mile
  # of     7 7       10 10
  Continous Mode   Y Y       Y Y
  Momentary Mode   Y Y       Y Y
  Tone Mode   Y Y       Y Y
  Vibration Mode   Y Y       N N
Waterproof/Water resistance:              
  Collar (Receiver)   WP WP       WP WP
  Transmitter   WP WP       WP WP
Number of Dogs Capability 3 3       3 3
Includes Beeper   N N       N Y
Capatable with Beeper   Y Y       Y Y
Collar Light     A A       A A
  Collar (Receiver)   RC RC       RC RC
  Transmitter   RC RC       RP RP
Weight     4.8 oz 4.8 oz       12 oz 15 oz