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Dual Shedding Blade by Remington R6101 shop shedding metal

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The Dual Shedding Blade by Remington is perfect for all dogs no matter thier coat. Use with the handles seperated or together to leave your dog with a clean and healthy coat.

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SKU: R6101

Remington shedding blades are designed to remove loose har and give your pet a clean healthy coat.  It can be used with the handles together or with them separated depending on if you want to deshed a small area or a large area of the dog's coat.  The blade has fine teeth on one side and slightly larger teeth on the other side to adjust to coats of different thickness or coarseness.

Remington Dual Shedding Blade Features:

  • Handles can be used together or separated
  • Two different size teeth ensures proper deshedding
  • Rubber textured handle provides a good grip
  • Metal clip holds handles together and allows them to be easily separated

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