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Dog Training Dummy Scent Injector by Dead Fowl Trainer (Dokken) S200

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Scent your training dummy to hold the scent in water and on land.

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SKU: S200

Make training your dog easier with this permanent dead fowl scent. Inject bird scent into your Dokken Dead Fowl Trainer with the Dead Fowl Trainer Scent Injector. Your Dead Fowl Trainer will hold scent permanently. You now have the ultimate training dummy! 

To internally scent your Dokken Dead Fowl Trainer
Inject scent into the middle of the foam body in six different locations using the scent injector. The natural feel foam body is designed to hold the scent during land training as well as countless hours of water training (1/2 to 3/4 ounce of scent is sufficient to scent your Dokken).This process can be used to scent any Dokken.

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