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Bluewing Teal Dog Training Dummy by Dokken's Dead Fowl Trainer T-100

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This is a great smaller dummy to get your new puppy used to retrieving with.  Take this out in the yard and get the puppy excited about the prospect of playing and retrieving.  This is the perfect Dokken Dead Fowl dummy to build confidence and begin getting you puppy used to having the dead bird feel in their mouth.

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SKU: T100

  • Designed with puppies in mind to teach proper hold and carry at an early age. 
  • The Dead Fowl Trainer body is made of soft, natural-feel foam.
  • The hard free-swinging head disciplines unwanted aggressive head shaking by delivering a sharp wrap to the snout of the dog.
  • This Dokken Dead Fowl Bluewing insures that a secure body hold will be the dog’s preference, avoiding the hard head and feet. 
  • The body of this Dokken Dead Fowl Bluewing Trainer is a foam material it will not sink, even when punctured. 
  • With a natural dead bird weight and internal scenting this training aid is a must for your Hunting Dog
  • Wobble - free swinging head to deter dogs from shaking birds
Approximate Size: 10.5”
Approximate Weight: 8.8oz

To internally scent your Dead Fowl Trainer: Inject the training scent into the middle of the foam duck body in six different locations using the Dokken's Dead Fowl Scent Injector or a syringe (available separately). The foam body is designed to hold the training scent whether using the dummy in or out of the water. 1/2 to 3/4 ounce of training scent is sufficient.

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