About Us

Who We Are

We love the sporting life and believe that it simply cannot be complete unless gun dogs are a part of it. Whether we are in the marsh, upland or by the fireplace for that matter, we are not fulfilled without a gun dog by our side. We understand that you, like us, normally treat our gun dogs better than ourselves. We fully understand that gun dog owners view their dogs just as the dogs view their owners; with blind love and loyalty. We get it! It is with that background that we bring you EverythingGunDog.com.

The Products We Sell

We are an online retailer that is dedicated to providing you the finest gun dog gear available. We are focused on quality, not quantity. Any product we carry has either personally been used or endorsed by our staff, affiliated professional or experienced amateurs. Our goal is not to carry every product in the market at various prices, but only those products we are absolutely sure will provide you a great experience in the training grounds, hunting fields or at home.

How We Work

When we find a new product, or one is introduced to us ... we ask ourselves several questions. How is the product made, and by whom? Will it give enjoyment or functionality for years? How will it stand up to the demands of the environment and everyday use? When the answers to these questions don't satisfy us, we look no further. If we decide an item is worth looking at, our staff thoroughly examines and tests it. Once we decide a product is of high quality, and offers functionality ... well, these are the accessories you will find on our website. These are also the products we use with our hunting dogs. If we are not happy with them, we will not sell them.

Give Us a Try

When you choose to buy from Everything Gun Dog, our relationship doesn't end when you receive your product. We are here to answer any questions regarding, functionality and warranties. We listen, and we are responsive. Our customers are the most important thing to us. We want to build our business on honesty and integrity ... ensuring that our relationships last as long as your passion, and beyond.